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Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

Saddle Brook, New Jersey

With failing pavement and a need to expand the number of on-site parking spaces, Kessler Institute turned to Petry Engineering to evaluate both problems and find practical solutions. Our team utilized existing mapping that showed an overstressed drainage system servicing the property, and parking conditions that were equally overcrowded. The goals were simple: Find additional parking spaces and alleviate ponding water near the entrance, while restoring the asphalt pavement. The solutions were anything but simple. The property is wholly within the flood zone and the neighbors were concerned how the modifications would ultimately affect their properties. We developed a plan that re-graded the parking lot including a new drainage system that kept the entry area above the initial flood stages. Additionally, we devised a new discharge to the watercourse which was in compliance with NJDEP regulations. The plan included phasing the installation to allow visitors and out-patients continuous access to the site. Construction was completed in 2014.